Our soul travels from one lifetime to another, often carrying
with it some of the behaviors, feelings, connections &
experience from each incarnation. In this deep hypnotic
session you will regress into the linage of your soul,
travel back through time & witness the lifetimes that are
most valuable to you now; forgiving old hurts,
healing old wounds & perhaps meeting the souls of those
that you know now. This is truly a form of Ancestral
Soul Healing; releasing what stands in your way of success
happiness and fulfillment. Closure, forgiveness & peace are
all possible with this technique.


While different than a reading, these interactive
and proactive sessions do use natural clairvoyance,
past life information, medium & medical intuition
to support and hold space for your issues. You
are in the presence of a sacred witness as you tell
your story. This work is excellent as an adjunct to
traditional psycho-therapy or as a modality on its
own for many issues. Counseling is a way to address
specific issues relating to your world and focuses on
how you are managing the people, events and
challenges in the “here and now”.